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Alpbach conference on business and youth cooperation was held in Pristina, 2nd February, in the organization of the IG Alpbah Kosovo

The aim of the conference was to highlight the importance of business and youth cooperation in the process of reconciliation in the Western Balkans, in accordance with European practice.

Austrian Ambassador in Kosovo, John Brigel, invited young Albanians and Serbs, from Kosovo and Serbia, not to repeat the mistakes of previous generations and to overcome the obstacles that are preventing further development of normal life. "That does not mean that we should forget the past, but to understand that it was not the right way," he said.

Safet Gr?aliju, president of Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo, said that the economy and business are of the great interests. Therefore, emotions have to be put aside in order to create a secure future. "The economy is the key to reducing tensions, minimizing the impact of radical nationalist groups and eliminating barriers for younger generations, with the aim of having proper vision of the future," he stressed.

Milos Jankovic, PR of the Club Alpbach Belgrade welcomed the courage of young Serbs who had come to this debate from the northern part of Kosovo. "Special attention should be paid to young people from the Northern Kosovska Mitrovica, who have come here. Your role here is the most important here. I will occasionally come to Pristina to visit my friends, but it takes me six hours to arrive here. You only need half an hour. I suggest to add two extra chairs for the following panel discussion, in order to show that it is possible for Albanians from Kosovo, Kosovo Serbs, Albanians from Serbia and Serbs from Serbia to be together and to send the message that despite all the political problems, it is possible to have a normal, human relations," said Jankovic.

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