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Luka Raznatovic

Club Alpbach Belgrade presents you Luka Raznatovic, our this year’s winner of the Young European Award.

Luka is final year student of Faculty of Law in Belgrade.Facing with the fear moves him and he generally loves when he has opprtunity to tell what’s on his mind despite whether will he find agreement or disagreement among the audience. His is intrested in law and aims to become successful attorney at law. Award has been granted for the 11th time by Club Alpbach Belgrade at the Oratory Competition at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade, for the speech that promotes European values of democratic dialogue and open discussion.

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Club Alpbach Belgrade invites you to open discussion “If money is our problem we dont have a problem – Can (only) money solve current crisis in Europe?”


Speach from Alpbach

Do you know what this is?
… – – – …
Let me play this again for you.
… – – – …
Forgot it already?
This is the Morse code. And the message that I have just broadcasted twice in front of this auditorium was the most important message throughout the XX century, that has saved tens of thousands of souls in horrific accidents. It’s the S0S signal.
Now, I am broadcasting that signal to you once more.
Save our souls.
And what has that to do with the values of the European Union, one might ask right now.
And the answer is more than simple: everything!
And thus, from this podium I am begging you: Save the souls of those who want to be a part of the European Union! Help them in their battle against organized crime; corruption; religious, national, racial and sexual hate. Help them in their crusade against poverty, inequality, inhumanity. Show us the true, unique European solidarity.
I come from Serbia, a country that has passed through many turbulent times in the twentieth century. So many turbulent times that you might say that it was an era.
Now, we are on the road towards the European Union.
And that road has been, as you all do know, quite bumpy for us so far.
Nevertheless, you have to know that even today, as we speak, there are ordinary people in Serbia that are preparing to bribe clerks, professors, doctors, police officers… Not to mention politicians on every single level. You have to know that we are still struggling with various forms of hate, you have to know that we have more than one million unemployed, and more than 400.000 of those who are hungry.
I know, there is a devastating economic crisis going on in the European Union, but believe me when I say – we would be happy with your problems. Please, let me remind you that the European Union has already shown its solidarity on so many occasions, as pointed out by His Excellency, Mr. Barosso. After all, as he said, the idea of common Europe lies in the solidarity among its people!
That is why I beg you from this stand: Help us bring European values to Serbia so that our future generations could have a decent life. Help us! Save our souls!


7th edition of ASSEI-B


@ Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade
September 12-22, 2013

Each year, since 2006, Club Alpbach Belgrade has been organizing the summer school on European integration in Belgrade. Therefore, this is the school’s 7th edition and we are proud of it! After successful cooperation in 2012, ASSEI-B13 is again taking place at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade.

Application procedure:
Deadline for applications: July 25, 2013

To apply download REGISTRATION FORM (available HERE) and send it together with your CV to konkursi@beoalpbach.org

Eligible candidates

We are looking for 25 students (undergraduates and postgraduates) and young professionals under the age of 35 from the following countries:
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Kosovo* and Serbia.

ASSEI-B13 Scholarship

ASSEI-B13 Scholarship is covering full costs of participation: accommodation and meals, reading materials, field visit expenses, social events, whole-day excursion to Eastern Serbia.
Scholarship is not covering traveling and visa costs.

ASSEI-B13 description

After successful completion of the course, ASSEI-B13 participants will have acquired a comprehensive understanding of EU and global affair, EU enlargement processes and SEE regional cooperation. The knowledge provided is based on an interdisciplinary approach and modern teaching techniques.

The school in divided into three modules:
1.History and Culture
2.Society and Politics
3.Economy and Law

Each module is thought by two professors, meaning that the schools teaching faculty is comprised of 3 pairs of lecturers:

1.Teaching couple no 1: Dr. Anne-Cécile Robert and Dr. Pierre de Trégomain
2.Teaching couple no 2: MSc Astrid Reinprecht and Dr. Vedran Dzihic
3.Teaching couple no 3: Dr. Petra Bard and Dr. Mihailo Crnobrnja

Classes are organized in the forms of lecturers, interactive workshops and field visits to various institutions and organizations. Workshops and field visits are led by Mr. Bernd Kleinheyer.

Academic coordinator of the school is Mag. Juergen Busch, together with Mr. Bernd Kleinheyer, Dr. Petra Bard and Dr. Petar Bojanic.

Working language is English.

ASSEI-B13 Aims

A progress in the EU integration process means a growing need for further education in this regard in SEE region. Also, there is a need for significant improvement of the cooperation between those countries. The project perceives regional cooperation and reconciliation as a precondition for EU integration. Recognizing this, ASSEI-B is built on two pillar-ideas:

• to enhance the knowledge about history, law, socio-economic integration, policy areas and political systems of the European Union among students, graduates, postgraduates and young professionals coming from various fields such as law, economics, political sciences, technical sciences, linguistics etc.
• to encourage and initiate cooperation between youth of those societies, many of which have a history of conflicts and wars. Variety of countries participants are coming from is an asset in this project. It will be used to initiate debates and discussions on topics such as post-conflict justice, prejudices and peace building. The project should develop a network of young, prosperous people, able to bring a European and regional perspectives to their environments.

ASSEI-B13 Donors

Club Alpbach Belgrade and ASSEI-B13 are supported by: Central European Initiative, GIZ Serbia, Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, European Funds for the Balkans, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Raiffeisen Bank, Atlas Foundation and Hypo Alpe Adria Bank.


European Forum Alpbach in Vienna announced an open call for awarding scholarships to students and young experts

Scholarships are intended for participation in programs under the European Forum Alpbach 2013, candidates that might apply should be under 30, citizens of the Republic of Serbia, all educational backgrounds.

Students and graduates have the possibility to be included in informal discussions on burning current issues with experts and eminent figures from the political and cultural elite, in the Tyrolean village of Alpbach which becomes "the village of thinkers and decision-makers" from 12 to 31 August.

More information on the conditions and procedures can be found at www.alpbach.org/scholarships and if you have additional concerns please contact us via email at: office@beoalpbach.org.


Initiative Group Alpbach Podgorica from 22 to 24 March organized a regional conference on the political, economic and security challenges of the Western Balkans until 2020.

Lecturers at the conference were experts such as: Dr. Erhard Busek, the honorary president of the Forum Alpbach, Thomas Wieser, President of the Economic and Financial Committee of the EU, Ulrike Lunacek, Member of the European Parliament for Austria, Mitja Drobnic, Head of the EU Delegation in Montenegro, and many others.

After attractive panel discussions, members of the Network of European Forum Alpbach in the region of Southeast Europe arranged, on intense internal meetings, methods for improving cooperation and implementation of regional projects.


Alpbach conference on business and youth cooperation was held in Pristina, 2nd February, in the organization of the IG Alpbah Kosovo

The aim of the conference was to highlight the importance of business and youth cooperation in the process of reconciliation in the Western Balkans, in accordance with European practice.

Austrian Ambassador in Kosovo, John Brigel, invited young Albanians and Serbs, from Kosovo and Serbia, not to repeat the mistakes of previous generations and to overcome the obstacles that are preventing further development of normal life. "That does not mean that we should forget the past, but to understand that it was not the right way," he said.

Safet Gr?aliju, president of Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo, said that the economy and business are of the great interests. Therefore, emotions have to be put aside in order to create a secure future. "The economy is the key to reducing tensions, minimizing the impact of radical nationalist groups and eliminating barriers for younger generations, with the aim of having proper vision of the future," he stressed.

Milos Jankovic, PR of the Club Alpbach Belgrade welcomed the courage of young Serbs who had come to this debate from the northern part of Kosovo. "Special attention should be paid to young people from the Northern Kosovska Mitrovica, who have come here. Your role here is the most important here. I will occasionally come to Pristina to visit my friends, but it takes me six hours to arrive here. You only need half an hour. I suggest to add two extra chairs for the following panel discussion, in order to show that it is possible for Albanians from Kosovo, Kosovo Serbs, Albanians from Serbia and Serbs from Serbia to be together and to send the message that despite all the political problems, it is possible to have a normal, human relations," said Jankovic.


The sixth Alpbah Summer School of European integration in Belgrade was held from 13 to 23 September 2012

This year we have completed the reform of the program that was designed to adapt knowledge on the EU to the regional circumstances. Thus, this year, our participants, in addition to basic knowledge about history, law and EU policies, will learn about regional integration, and all aspects will be discussed from global, European and local point of view.

New academic team is composed of six eminent professors and experts from Austria, France and Germany and Dr. Franz Fischler, President of the European Forum Alpbach and former EU commissioner and Renate Winter, judge of several international courts were guests at the program.

„The European perspective is realistic and attainable for the countries of South Eastern Europe. It is important for ASSEI Belgrade to give chance to young people from the region to look behind the scenes and discover the mechanisms of the EU, share ideas and become critically aware citizens," said the president Fischler.

Academic Coordinator, Jurgen Bush from the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna, highlights the importance of study visits, as one of the newer things in the program, proposed by the GIZ office in Serbia. Possibility of open discussions with all relevant stakeholders of European integration in Belgrade has given students a deeper perspective of the topic.

ASSEI-B presents a good practice example of cooperation between civil society organizations and public institutions such as the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory. Director of the Institute, Dr Peter Bojanic, stressed the importance of multidisciplinary approach of the schools to European integration.

The only thing that has not changed is the criterion for selection of participants – 25 students and young experts from the region of South East Europe, with superior academic achievement, during these ten days, have built strong mutual relations, breaking the boundaries created in the last 20 years.

Zoja Suroi, participant from Pristina, says that ASSEI-B provides a highly successful blend of academic knowledge about the EU and regional experiences in joining. All participants emphasize the credibility of the lecturers and speakers in the program, who were able to use  high academic standards with an open and relaxed discussions, in order to create "spirit of Alpbah" in Belgrade.

This year's summer school could not be held without the generous support of our donors and partners: GIZ Serbia, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Hypo Group Alpe Adria, European Fund for the Balkans, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Atlas Foundation and Raiffeisen bank.

More information can be found in our brochure in English.


International Student Week (ISWiB) was organized for the sixth time in Belgrade, from 15 to 22 July 2012 and during that week members of Club Alpbah Belgrade held some workshops

ISWiB is being held since 2006 in the organization of World Youth Wave and it brings together about 200 young people who work as participants, volunteers and moderators of workshop. Theme of this year's event was "Young people are changing the world", and a six-day program of workshops in the field of youth activism and youth in politics was held by Sanja Milosavljevic, Milos Jankovic from Club Alpbah Belgrade.

The workshops were dedicated to the experiences of the Network of European Forum Alpbah, international forms of youth participation and the development of youth policies at local, national and international level.

Through interactive work with a group of 20 participants from all over the world, from Mexico to the Ukraine, "the Alpbah spirit " has come to life again in Belgrade.