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Conference 2009

Conference 2009 – Vienna

IG Conference was held in Vienna from 9th till 11th January 2009, with the main focus – to strengthen the IG network and to introduce participants with history, culture and contemporary problems of Austrian Capital. IG Alpbach Belgrade was represented by Ivana Adamovi? and Mirjana Nikoli?. Diversified program was prepared for participants during three-day conference.

Friday, January 9, 2009
Conference talk with member of the local council of Vienna, Jurgen Wutzlhofer, about youth support provided by the city.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

  • Team work – experiment emphasizing the problems that appear during the introduction to new, unfamiliar country. Probation in particular stressed out the non-ability to communicate, made by language barrier and the influence of cultural differences, and way of behaving to foreigners, as well.
  • Team work workshops: (1) Initiative Groups and Clubs work throughout the year, (2) IG work at Forum Alpbach, (3) Scholarship programs and (4) IG coordination.
  • Presentation of the film “Nordrand”, directed by Barbara Albert, where issues of social life in Vienna were directly demonstrated with the wish to emphasize every–day life and obstacles to face great percent of immigrants in Austrian society.
  • Panel talk in astronomical observatory “Urania” where speakers were: Barbara Albert (director of the film “Nordrand”), August Gachter (sociologist), Matilda Leko (jazz singer born in Serbia) and Bettina Schwarzmayr (former president of European Youth Forum). Discussion was entered with issues concerning life, culture and integration in Vienna, Austrian capital’s role in European framework and as a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

  • Short city walk through central part of the city.
  • Visit of Spanish Riding School.
  • At Café Griensteidl, EFA – Board members joined participants of the conference for a lunch. Special guest was Dr. Erhard Busek.
  • Conference Closing Talk in Kolpinghaus.

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