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Dialogue is Essential For Youth Cooperation

Press Release
Caglavica, Pristina, April 30 2011
Representatives of the Club Alpbach Belgrade and Initiative Group Alpbach Pristina on 30th of April 2011, in the presence of the President of the European Forum Alpbach, Dr Erhard Busek discussed and presented ways of communication between Belgrade and Pristina youth.
Dr Erhard Busek, President of the European Forum Alpbach, said that international gathering organized each year in the European Forum Alpbach changes the system and creates a new map of Europe. Each year five to six hundred of students debate on different topics and motivate their governments to develop a new future.
“I am extremely grateful to the group from Belgrade and Pristina, for working together and successfully communicating. We need to find a common, mutual language. We have to get to know each other. The right real knowledge is to recognize the other side and whether they know us and understand our problems. Our activities today show that we are able to create a dialogue. It is important to understand the problems and be aware that problems exist, but at the same time this shows that the younger generation is a hope for better future here“, said Dr Busek.
Milana Sredojevic, president of the Club Alpbach Belgrade, speaking about the lack of communication noted that “some communication exists but it’s on a very low, individual level. Therefore we strive to improve and strengthen it. Young people are willing and ready to communicate but in my opinion what is missing are means of getting closer together, means of communication. European Forum Alpbach and its network provided us with the opportunity to meet each other, communicate and cooperate. The fact that one on hand we live in the global village, we travel, young people are educated abroad, and on the other hand many of us including me didn’t have the opportunity to meet with the Albanians until few years ago is obviously absurd. Through contacts we realized that while there are many things that make us different, we have a lot in common. I think it's crucial for people to travel and meet each other. Young people are the future but above all the young people the present, and therefore we should do what we can and start acting now.”
“There is a lack of communication between the two societies, but on the contrary each year in Austria, young leaders are given the opportunity to work together regardless of everything. In Alpbach we communicate with colleagues from Serbia. Prejudice existed, but not ones that we personally developed, but those that have been served to us. There are elements that we did not know, that we have not heard, we were surprised how we can work together. We break prejudices, and create the right public opinion. I was in Belgrade and I can say that I was very welcomed. In the city center of Belgrade, we spoke Albanian without any problems. There are different opinions but most of us are looking at things positively. I know it's hard to visit Belgrade but everyone should try to find opportunities. We should use the time and not let time take us”, says Taulant Hodaj, president of the IG Alpbach Pristina.
The common message from this event was that civil society should me the engine of changes in each societies, without waiting for governments and politicians to improve things. In the case of those two groups of young people, European Forum Alpbach is a great platform for their cooperation. Future projects of Club Alpbach Belgrade and IG Pristina will confirm this.

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