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Photography Exhibition Opening

Press Release
Belgrade, February 16, 2012


Photography Exhibition Opening
€uroXibition in Priština


Club Alpbach Belgrade and Initiative Group Alpbach Kosovo have presented their photography exhibition in the €uroXibition project, on February 4 at the University Library of Pristina. The project is implemented with the support of ERSTE Foundation and under the patronage of Dr Erhard Busek, President of the European Forum Alpbach. More than a thousand visitors have seen the photographs, which will later be exhibited in Belgrade and Alpbach.

“€uroXibition” is a result of six months intensive work of five young Serbian and five young Albanian photographers, gathered around the ideas and perspectives of their realities toward EU and sharing their thoughts through photos. A coherent group of ten artists broke all the prejudices inside of them, myths that exist among nations and faced all the glory and poverty of their societies, which are striving to become part of the EU.

The exhibition was officially opened by Dr Erhard Busek, President of the EFA, who stressed that “the younger generation is better”. “Last events show that the cooperation between the youths of Belgrade and Pristina is needed more than ever, because they want to live together in peace and with the sustainable perspectives of the future. The international community still has to do a lot, but it is more important if the young citizens from both sides are doing something to build the sense of community. I admire Initiative Groups from Belgrade and Pristina.” The visitors were addressed by Milana Sredojevic, President of th CAB, and Taulant Hodaj, President of IGAK, as well.

A group of young academics, professionals and students, members of Club Alpbach Belgrade (CAB) and Initiative Group Alpbach Kosovo (IGAK), both associate members of European Forum Alpbach, is trying to shape the European present and the future of the region and contribute to the development of leaders in various fields, such as culture in this this project.

Motivated by a true need to take an active part in building and strengthening region on its way towards European Union the initiative for €uroXibition came from CAB and was very welcomed from IGAK and EFA officials.

The main idea and purpose of this project is to demonstrate willingness and ways of cooperation between the youths of Pristina and Belgrade through the cultural exchange. Ten photographers (five from Belgrade and five from Pristina) were chosen to make photos and capture symbolism of the EU and Europe in their environment.

During the project, the chosen photographers participated in two workshops organized in Belgrade and Pristina, aimed to bring them closer together, enhance their cooperation in the working process and intensify exchange of ideas. Workshop lecturers were eminent representatives of cultural elites from Belgrade and Pristina (Aleksandar Andjic from the Belgrade weekly “Vreme”, Hazir Reka from “Reuters”, Daniel Cosentino, Jelena Vasiljevic from the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, etc.).

Exhibition will also be presented in Belgrade (Serbia), and then in Alpbach (Austria) during the European Forum Alpbach 2012.

Photos in the attachment:

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