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European Forum Alpbach 2008

„Perception and decision“ was the general topic of the 64th European Forum Alpbach which was held from 14th to 30th August 2008.

The Forum has attempted to explore the question of how perception and interpretation lead to diagnosis and assessments that in the end have a great influence on our decisions. This topic was discussed by a variety of scientific disciplines, taking into account the different approaches and perspectives.

Participants from the Republic of Serbia attended numerous symposiums and seminars and actively participated in these more than interesting debates. Since it was possible to have informal discussions, on the initiative of Serbian students was organised a fireside talk about the Western Balkans (with special emphasis on Serbia).

Club Alpbach Belgrade also took part in the event „Speakers’ Night“, where our representative Milica Gvozdenovic with her speach „A soul for Europe“ picked audience sympathy.

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