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European Forum Alpbach 2009

The 65th European Forum Alpbach was guided by the general theme „Trust“ and took place from August 20 to September 5 2009.

The European Forum Alpbach 2009 gave all participants a choice of 14 one-week seminar to exchange their views and to analyse the phenomenon of Trust not only in economics, but also in politics, culture, banking.

The participants from the Republic of Serbia attended these interesting seminars and symposiums and took part in vivid discussions with experts in these matters.

The representatives of Club Alpbach Belgrade participated in the event „International Evening“. They had the official presentation (a short film about our country) and sang live Republic of Serbia national antem. All visitors in the Congress Center were indeed delighted by this unique performance.

The cultural program was very interesting – in exhibitions, concerts and performances, young artists in particular were given the possibility to present their work to the public of the Forum.

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