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European Forum Alpbach 2011

From 18 August to 3 September 2011, European Forum Alpbah was held on the topic "Justice – Responsibility for the Future"

The largest forum has brought together 4,000 prominent experts, scientists, Nobel Prize winners and world leaders from over 60 countries around the world. 28 young experts and students from Serbia, scholarship of Forum and Club Alpbah Belgrade were present at the event.

The success of the competition Speakers' Night

In addition to participating in regular programs – summer schools, seminars and symposiums, Club is particularly proud of the participation of Marko Krstaji?, winner of the award ‘’Young European’’, who won second place in Alpbah’s competition, as well as Mirko Dautovi?a, whose speech was also very effective.

Regional Cooperation

In accordance with the aspirations of the Club to contribute to the stabilization of relations between young people in the region, a group interview was initiated by members of the Club Alpbah Belgrade and Initiative Group Alpbah Kosovo. It was very well received among international representatives in charge of cooperation with the Western Balkan countries.

Serbian Ombudsman in Alpbah

After a number of years, we received in Alpbah one senior official from Serbia – Mr. Sasa Jankovic, Ombudsman. Together with the chairman of the Austrian Board of Ombudsman, Ms. Gertrude Brinek, he participated in a panel on the role of the Ombudsman in the fight for justice.

"We call on the government to change and to do better whit what they have done. I was elected by the parliament, but the citizens have confidence in me because I am not a politician. This work is in the service of justice, but in a special way, emphasizing human freedom as a supreme value. Justice, in this case, is seen as a moral category. The rule of law is simply not enough. There has to be something more, "Jankovic said.

Trip of our scholars at the Forum was supported by: ATB sever, NOA, UNIQA Insurance, Soravia Group, Grawe insurance, Erste Bank and Vip mobile.

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