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European Forum Alpbach 2012

SERBIAN scholar at EFA12

From 16 August to 1 September 2012, 68. European Forum Alpbah in Tyrol was held with nearly 4,000 participants from more than 60 countries around the world

Among the 700 scholars who have visited this year's forum 20 of them were from Serbia, and their activities were highly important. Not only that their participation in seminars, symposia and summer schools justified their previous academic achievements, but their initiatives on special events have shown that they are willing to use their knowledge for the public good. This year's topic: "The expectations – the future of youth" was the call for the scholars to be additionally engage in the Forum and to demonstrate the achievements of their activism.

Speakers’ Night

As in the previous six years, the winner of the award Young European from the competition in rhetoric at the Faculty of Law, participated in Alpbah Speakers’ Night. Ilija Jacanovi? members of our club made us very proud by winning second place in the competition with a speech on the subject: "Rediscovering – hope or threat."


Following the successful opening in Pristina and in Belgrade, EuroXhibition is shown in Alpbah too. Under the auspices of the European Forum Alpbah and financial support of Erste Foundation, Club Alpbah Belgrade in partnership with the Initiative Group Alpbah Kosovo organized an exhibition of young artists from Belgrade and Pristina on the symbolism of the EU in the local communities. The exhibition showed to a large number of visitors from all over the world the actual perception of young people in the region and their shared vision of the future. After Alpbah, the exhibition will be presented at the European Parliament in Brussels, then in the Austrian parliament in Vienna, and in Zagreb.

Alpbah discussions

One of the traditions of the European Forum Alpbah is the organization of ad hoc discussions with eminent speakers from local clubs and initiative groups. Club Alpbah Belgrade initiated in partnership with others three discussions this year – with Peter Matješi?em, President of the European Youth Forum, on the lobbying for the future of the youth, with Dragana Avramov, Director of Population and Social Policy Consultants, on youth transition, and with Ulrike Lunacek, Member of the European Parliament and Rapporteur for Kosovo, on regional issues in the Western Balkans.

Support Pussy Riot

During the Forum, the world heard the news on imprisoning members of the band "Pussy Riot" in Moscow. Club Alpbah Belgrade together with IG Alpbah Senca Konfini felt it necessary to send a clear message, from the place popularly known as "the village of thinkers and decision-makers", to young people against such acts of violation of human and civil rights. News on the performance and simulation trials that ended by throwing symbolically paper masks, were broadcasted by all the leading Austrian media.

Future of Youth in Europe

A panel discussion on the future of young people in Europe was organized within the political symposium, the most visited part of the forum, and president of the Club Alpbah Belgrade, Milan Sredojevi? participated. Besides Milana, the forum was attended by Elmar Brok, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, Peter Matjaši?, President of the European Youth Forum, Dan Perjovš?i, artist and journalist from Budapest and Michael Lacinski, an editor of international affairs in Die Presse.

The conclusion from the discussion was the message to younger generations because of rapid changes that the World and Europe are going through – We should not expect that somebody will invite us to participate in defining changes, we need to be proactive in order not to remain passive observers.

Sanja Milosavljevic, the vice president of the club, participated in the final panel of representatives from regional Alpbah branches. The unique conclusion of all participants was related to the European future of the region, and the openness and willingness of young people to cooperate in the moment.

Trip of our scholars from Serbia to the Alpbah Forum 2012 was supported by: ATB sever, NOA, UNIQA Insurance, Soravia Group, Grawe insurance, UniCredit Leasing, CMS, Confida and Vip.

For further information look at the brochure in English language.

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