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Young European 2012

We present you Mr Ilija Jacanovic, 4th year law student at the University of Belgrade and our this year's winner of the Young European Award. We did a short interview with him featured on the main page, and below you can find his entire speech dedicated to the love relationship between Serbia and the EU.

Autumn has passed and yet he is still single, even though he has long since been an eligible bachelor. Maybe, he’s even too old by our forefathers’ standards. To be fair, his bride is also past her prime, but she despite all that still hesitates. No wonder, since she already lives in a polyandry, and her husbands have been squandering her entire property.

Our groom is head over heals in love, he won’t as mush as glance at other women. She is pretty though. It would be an understatement to say that she is like a star; she is as pretty as 27 stars! He had even been to ask for her hand! However, they have different traditions there. In our neck of the woods, the popular custom is for the groom to shoot down an apple that sits high on a pole, whereas the brides from the west traditionally shoot down the groom. He picked Vincent Degert to be his best man.

The best man had even bought the wedding rings, but probably because he tried to economize with the precious stones, his mother-in-law Angela didn’t like them one bit. He doesn’t have a better standing even with his father-in-law Nicolas, who doesn’t even think about allowing the first French kiss. He may have a chance dealing with granny Elizabeth, but she just smiles at him, and that smile could mean sorts of things.

December has also passed and he is still unmarried, and all of the brothers have got married. But he doesn’t want to merry her just because of her fortune like they did. Nor would he marry her just to gain some sort of access. He truly loves her and he would do anything for her.

He had sold his favourite pet Yugo so he could get some other called Punto. He quit smoking; he doesn’t drink after 10PM. He renounced his history of a fierce warrior. Nowadays he fights only for cherry seedlings, for good times’ sake.

January has also passed and he is still unmarried. But he won’t give up; he mustn’t give up, because she needs him the most! Especially now when she is besieged by illegal immigrants and false asylum-seekers. His skills in creating collective centres which people can’t leave for 20 years would be invaluable to her. While the Euro is making the ends meat, his experiences with surviving one of the world’s largest inflations would prove to be extremely useful to her. Today, when people are trying to re-establish her borders, he knows that next to such a battle-hardened smuggler like him, she would have no worries.

Yet she still doesn’t want him. Our groom believed that it is enough to be in love, that the fact that he is unemployed could just be a plus for him because he could dedicate more time to his beloved one. Maybe he did sell his ancestors’ land, but he still managed to keep his ancestors and predecessors’ debts and to even add up some of his own ones.

He knows that he isn’t perfect, but he remembers the tales of his elders which state that marriage can only bring improvements. Only, he thought that these modern women can also bring some order, to correct some of his bad habits. The last such had been seen some 20 years ago when she vanishes without a trace.

The common way is to finish your education, get a job and only then look for a bride. But he has first found a bride, and now he expects that she will buy him a diploma and find him a job. He hopes that the wretched faith of the other sons-in-law won’t reach him. If he were to bring her to his home, where could he bring her? To the one that is probably not legalized, more probably isn’t even connected on public utilities, and where he most probably still lives with his parents.

In stead of trying to bring himself in shape for the good of his own wellbeing so that the ladies would start fighting for him, he brought himself in a position to choose between the lesser of two evils. He could either do that or give up, or continue wooing her and give up in the end. Must one choose between two evils? Isn’t there a better way? Can’t we do it differently? You can do it better!

Some would say that this is a story about a punk and a princess. Others, that she is a girl out of his league. However, he had made his choice. A stubborn one, yet again. That’s love… so he keeps moving on. Our elders have a saying: “It’s not the pretty one that gets the girl, but the persistent one!”

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