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Alpbach Summer School on European Integration in Belgrade 2014

8th edition of Alpbach Summer School on European Integration in Belgrade 2014


Alpbach Summer School on European Integration ASSEI-B14 was held from 11 to 21 September 2014 in Belgrade. Once again, for the eighth time Alpbach Summer School proved its value and importance.

Cub Alpbach Belgrade hosted 22 excellent students and young professsionals coming from 10 countries of the SEE region. Getting to know each other, exchanging important knowledge about the EU enlargement process between the young professionals of the region, having the possibility to look over each others’ boarders and expanding the own horizon enables braking the boundaries in the region. This year again our students enhanced their knowledge about history, law, socio-economic integration, policy areas and political systems of the European Union having in mind global, European and local aspect of it.

Numerous international and regional day guests, 2 panel discussions (“Together for the Future of Europe” and “Scenario of Balkan EU Enlargement and Reforms”), 2 receptions (Floating Reception and reception at the Residency of the Austrian Ambassador) and a very rich social and cultural program (2 exhibitions, theatre play, city tour and excursion) shaped the image of the last 10 days of ASSEI-B14.

Our scientific counselors and international lecturers from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia and other countries enriched our curricula, enabling a cross-disciplinary approach to the complex phenomenon of the Europen Integration process. The academic part of the preparation and implementation process as well as the final examination was also this year supervised by an academic steering board, composed of Jürgen Busch, University of Vienna as representative of the EFA Council; Bernd Kleinheyer as head teacher; Petra Bard, CEU Budapest as representative of the guest teachers; and Petar Bojani? as representative of the hosting department for and of the EFA scientific advisory board. In this year’s teching team were also Pierre de Trégomain, Vedran Džihi? and Mihailo Crnobrnja.


In 2014, ASSEI-B14 was visited by EFA honorary president Dr. Erhard Busek, by Political Adviser Dr Alfred Gusenbauer, by the former Austrian Federal Minister of the interior and of education Dr. Caspar Einem (Vice-president of the European Forum Alpbach), by Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to Serbia Oskar Benedikt and by local experts from the SEE region (e.g. panelist Nebojša Lazarevi?, Director of European Policy Centre and a guest lecture by Vladimir ?upi? CEO of AIK Bank) and Serbian Government Representative Dr Kori Udovi?ki, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government. Also, this year’s opening Lecture was held by Dr Howard Williamson, Coordinator of Council of Europe International reviews of National Youth Policies.

According to impressions of this year’s students ASSEI-B offered them a great combination of in-depth academic knowledge about the EU and regional experience in accession process. The participants recognized the relevence of the interdisciplinary approach to the field of European integration as well as credibility of lecturers and speakers within the program, who combined high academic standards with open discussions and in that way enabled ASSEI-B to reflect and implement the „Spirit of Alpbach“. Students also stressed the importance of the study visits and field missions in-between classroom sessions, because it gave them the opportunity to get in direct touch with stakeholders of European Integration in Serbia and the Western Balkan’s Region.

This year’s summer school would not be possible without our donors who generously supported our school and realized a huge chances and importance of the ASSEI-B. All of them helped and made all this possible: GIZ Serbia, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, European Fund for the Balkans, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung i AIK bank.

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