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We present you Ms Mina Bogdanovic, our this year’s winner of the “Young European 2014” Award, which has been granted for the ninth time by Club Alpbach Belgrade at the Oratory Competition at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. We did a short interview with Mina featured below, followed by document where you can find hers entire speech dedicated to the position of disabled people in Serbian society. Congratulations!

Why did you choose exactly the position of disabled people to speak about?

I got inspired for this topic when I met the girls, who were temporary living in my student dormitory, while their student dormitory Mika Mitrovic was in process of renovating, which is apropos the only student dormitory adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities. Then to some extent I realized the problems they are faced with on daily basis and it seems to me that their rights are in fact the most endangered in Serbia. This issue has not been addressed sufficiently while some other groups are placed in the center of attention in the struggle for human rights. Therefor it is my wish to tackle this problem, in order to increase the level of social awareness at least to some extent.

What is your personal attitude towards this population group?

I expressed my personal attitude through my speech. First of all I would like to contribute to the struggle for improvement of the position of this social group, which is in Serbia still on a very low level. Despite the fact that the law regulation of this issue in Serbia was to a great extent brought in harmony with international regulations, it appears that between this regulation and its implementation there still is huge discrepancy, so overcoming these discrepancies is something I would really like to work on.

What does receiving this award mean to you?

I have always considered Serbia as a part of the European Value System, and as far as I can I have been working on it, trying at least in my surrounding to promote my perception of this society as a democratic, open and civil one. That is why I am feeling great joy receiving exactly this award and I see it as a stimulant for my future action and social engagement.

What are your expectations from European Forum Alpbach?

The thing I expect most is to broaden and improve my knowledge in the area of human rights and fight against discrimination, because I have always been deeply interested in particularly this field of law. In addition to that I certainly expect to meet a lot of communicative, well-educated and free-minded people.

Please find the speech of this year’s winner here

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