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Young European 2008

At the Oratory Competition of the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade, held on January 27th 2008, IG Alpbach Belgrade has traditionally granted Young European Award to Milica Gvozdenovic for her speech.


“Seka Waged War against Cana*”.
“Famous Politician Beats his Wife”
“Daughter-in-law Killed her Mother-in-law, and Threw her into a Well”
Read all of this, and many more in our new daily newspapers for only 10 RSD**!
That is today’s journalism in Serbia.
That is journalism that creates public opinion, or, shall I say, degrades public opinion. 
Professional journalist should inform truthfully, promptly and properly. 
He has knowledge, education and talent. Writing is his profession and not his hobby. Unfortunately none of these values sells newspaper. 
This is the reason why in our country only three types of journalists can survive: The Eavesdropper, The Digger and The Marionette. 
The Eavesdropper – he has an inkling, which gave him person who is close to this and that….. He pumps half information up and gets news which makes newspaper best-seller of the day. 
The Digger – he sniffs, search and dig for bad news. Accidents, death and disasters are his main theme. 
And last but not the least, The Marionette – Someone pays him to write something about someone or somebody pays him not to write something on someone. He has the money in his pocket and the smile on his face but no self-respect. 
Journalists are also dissatisfied with this situation. They say that their colleagues are selling themselves before even someone asks them to be sold. There is much more journalists offering to be sold then buyers. So how are they supposed to pay penalties for defamation? They united and decided to demand for decriminalization of this criminal offence. 
One of the main journalistic principles is: “say that every journalist should write down the statement of an interlocutor in exact words”. But this principle is often being broken. I can tell that because I have recent and evident experience about this fact:
A few days ago, a reporter of a daily newspaper has asked me if I could answer him one question. I agreed and he asked what would make my day perfect. I said that day would be perfect if I would go to a cake-shop with my boyfriend.
Tomorrow I have bought the newspapers and saw my picture but beneath it was this line: 
“I just adore sweets. I would like to sit in a cake-shop all day, and eat cakes, ice creams and chocolates. And only if I would meet there a gorgeous guy it would be a perfect day even more”.
And above my picture in big black letters was written LOOKING FOR SWEETHEART.
Of course, my boyfriend broke up with me that day, and sweetheart has never shown up.  
The day when readers will recognize true values of journalism will come, I am sure.
And the day when readers throw away untrue newspapers will come, I am also sure.
Woke up reader you have been sleeping for many years!

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