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We present you Mr Boris Lačnjevac, 4th year law student at the University of Kragujevac and our this year’s winner of the “Young European 2014 – Kragujevac” Award and of the ASSEI-B14 scholarship, which has been granted for the third time by Club Alpbach Belgrade at the Oratory Competition at the Faculty of Law in Kragujevac. We did a short interview with Boris featured below and followed by a document where you can find his entire speech. Congratulations!

Why did you choose exactly this topic to speak about?

The category Improvisation Speech has been introduced in this year’s oratory competition for the first time. I am the winner in this category, but as the proposition of this category asks that the competitor is informed about a topic approximately one and a half hours before his performance, I could not choose the topic by myself. Nevertheless, the topic was broad enough, so I could express my opinion without exceeding the topic frame.

What does receiving this award mean to you?

Receiving any well-deserved recognition means a lot to a young person. It is an acknowledgement that my perennial dedication to rhetoric met with a response. Especially, because with this year’s competition I have said goodbye to oratory competition, at least in the competitive part, after winning the award three years in a row.

What are your expectations from European Forum Alpbach?

From the scholarship for ASSEI-B, that I won, I expect excellent lectures in the field of law and politics, constructive talks, and to meet other young successful people.

Please find the speech of this year’s winner here.

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