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Exit festival

Besides being one of the greatest music festivals in South Eastern Europe, EXIT also serves as a place for promoting activities of South Eastern European non-governmental organizations.

Wishing to adequately represent goals of the European Forum Alpbach on national and local level, Club Alpbach Belgrade with pleasure promotes its activities on this, already traditional, festival. For the first time, Club Alpbach Belgrade presented its activities on NGO Plateau of the EXIT Festival in 2006. Main goal of this promotion was to present to young people from South Eastern Europe countries values of the European Forum Alpbach, scholarships program and the network of EFA IGs and Clubs established all over the Europe. On the basis of successful cooperation with the EXIT Festival team, Club Alpbach Belgrade has decided to continue presentation of the European Forum Alpbach and Club Alpbach Belgrade activities within Serbia, so our members didn’t miss one festival after that.

Students and young people from all over Europe were interested how to apply and participate in the ASSEI Project and seminars of the European Forum Alpbach. What is more, Club Alpbach Belgrade members established important contacts with representatives of other young NGO’s in Serbia, while having a great time.

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