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Speach from Alpbach

Do you know what this is?
… – – – …
Let me play this again for you.
… – – – …
Forgot it already?
This is the Morse code. And the message that I have just broadcasted twice in front of this auditorium was the most important message throughout the XX century, that has saved tens of thousands of souls in horrific accidents. It’s the S0S signal.
Now, I am broadcasting that signal to you once more.
Save our souls.
And what has that to do with the values of the European Union, one might ask right now.
And the answer is more than simple: everything!
And thus, from this podium I am begging you: Save the souls of those who want to be a part of the European Union! Help them in their battle against organized crime; corruption; religious, national, racial and sexual hate. Help them in their crusade against poverty, inequality, inhumanity. Show us the true, unique European solidarity.
I come from Serbia, a country that has passed through many turbulent times in the twentieth century. So many turbulent times that you might say that it was an era.
Now, we are on the road towards the European Union.
And that road has been, as you all do know, quite bumpy for us so far.
Nevertheless, you have to know that even today, as we speak, there are ordinary people in Serbia that are preparing to bribe clerks, professors, doctors, police officers… Not to mention politicians on every single level. You have to know that we are still struggling with various forms of hate, you have to know that we have more than one million unemployed, and more than 400.000 of those who are hungry.
I know, there is a devastating economic crisis going on in the European Union, but believe me when I say – we would be happy with your problems. Please, let me remind you that the European Union has already shown its solidarity on so many occasions, as pointed out by His Excellency, Mr. Barosso. After all, as he said, the idea of common Europe lies in the solidarity among its people!
That is why I beg you from this stand: Help us bring European values to Serbia so that our future generations could have a decent life. Help us! Save our souls!

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