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Young European 2012.


Ilija, what does the Young European Award mean to you?

I think that the Young European Award is extremely important, primarily as a confirmation of the ideas presented in the sermon. This award provides an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and be better acquainted with the functioning of the European Union. I believe that it will allow me to share opinions with people from all over Europe, and to share gained experiences with my colleagues from Serbia.

How young intellectuals can contribute to society and its strengthening?
Young intellectuals can contribute to our society, primarily by getting more involved in it. Our universities breed every year experts in various fields of knowledge which would improve society if they would be given the chance. Also, the young intellectuals should be more involved in the struggle for better position.

Which are the ten key words of the European integration?
Development, development, development, development, economics, economy, dialogue, reduction of corruption, culture, education. Young people in Serbia today… (please, continuing the sentence) Young people in Serbia are now in a difficult position. Education is becoming more and more expensive, and those who graduate have difficulties finding a job. This situation makes it impossible for young people to develop into useful members of society.

What is your personal opinion about the importance of Serbian European integration?
EU presents countries joined in order to preserve peace and facilitate progress an all areas. Our society has problems which couldn’t solve for a long time. I think that the EU has mechanisms to help us to reduce corruption at least and find better use of existing resources. I also believe that we must do more to improve ourselves in order to become equal as a partner. Turbulences in this region are the subject of recent history, I believe that EU membership is very important because it would bring long term stability.

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